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Product Reviews



A little overkill for what i want.

Too much to learn on how to operate. I wanted something I could pick up and use without haveing a degree in trigonomatry.

Bayview Bob


Way oversold

I'll get the occasional use I need out of them, but all the bells and whistles don't measure up to the price.

Kenny the Sailor


Great Product for the money!

I brought this from Overton few years ago, extremely saisfied with it. Works flawlessly! I am impressed with the clarity for the price I paid for them. I also own a pair of West Marine and a Steiner marine model, honestly I cannot tell the differenc...



Poor Quality Control

The first pair I received had double vision. The second pair had a missing lens cap and an inoperable compass light. Made in China with apparently poor quality control. It's a shame because they looked like high quality. I returned both and purchase...