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Product Reviews




The first one I bought I sent back because the laser wasn't coming on. The second one I recieved- The laser wasn't centered in the bore sighter. Also the one pictured was not the one that I recieved. Not accurate.



great item for gun owners!

great for dialing in sights,scopes etc. BEFORE SHOOTING RANGE!



Nice & Easy

This is a definate improvement over the prior model that had problems with the on/off switch. I happened to use this to bore sight my 50 caliber muzzle loader. I put the target out at 50 yards, used the boresight and the 1st 3 rounds were only 4 clicks off center. Saved a lot of powder and bullets.



great for .22cal

Great to setup a scope. Will get you on the paper at 50 yards.



Bushnell Laser Boresighter

Nice compact product,great price/value for the $; easy to carry in range bag(fairly fragile), needed to 'O' laser; not a big deal;tool provided; use reflective tape for target if operating in daylight, be careful with threads for bore arbors; they are VERY fine and can be cross-threaded easily. Lube those threads with light grease before use. Gets you close before you head to the range to fine tune your sights; saves on ammo! Also: Great service, fast delivery, resonable price from Adorama. A++++



Get me close

Easy to use once you figure out how to attach and adjust the arbors correctly. Directions are a bit lacking and could use a bit more information. With that aside once you get how to use it, it does work very well. You do have to use it in very low light conditions so get to the range before dust get set up and be ready for optimum lighting conditions as it gets to dark to see your shots pretty quickly.



simple accurate

great product at a great price a few more bore fittings would be nice otherwise great product that's easy to use

Big Papa Branham


Right On The Dot

I immediately use this item to sight in a new scope for my Henry .22 rifle. After using the boresighter, I shot it twice at the target and it was "Right On The Dot".



Spend little, get the same in value!

Most applicable to barrels longer than 4 inches and useful for only an initial scope or sight setting. Doesn't appear that it will stand up well with the test of time with cheap plastic inserts that are used for multiple caliber applications each that seem to be somewhat unstable when inserted with the borescope.



great for the price would buy again

helps get you on the paper faster, saves bullets




Used to zero in both optical, red dot and laser scopes and sighting devices. A small, light & easy to use device, but did not have an arbor to fit .40 cal. barrels.



Excellent product!

First use as a back up to live fire. Was on the money @ 100 yds. Easy to use and set up.

Bad Bob


Not quite sure about this product.

With the laser off center - any difference in the orientation this product is installed in the barrel - will give a different location when trying to bore sight. It will get you on paper at about 25 yards and this will allow you to adjust to the longer distances.



Excellent product

Great product for me, safes lots of ammo when sighting in my scopes.



Bushnell Laser Boresighter

I have tested chamber boresighters and found them to be less consistant than end of the barrel boresighters in long arms. I have not researched why but my guess would be a barrel that is out of alighment/straight by 1/1000 inch would be magnified @ 100yards and even more so @ greater distances. The chamber boresighter does not, and cannot compensate for this variation between the barrel and chamber cobined with the fact this boresighter takes care of a lot of Calibers it is a good buy.



Nice item. works perfectly.

Used to align laser sights and scopes.



Great boresighter!

Makes it very easy to sight in without wasting ammo



On/off switch broken.

On/oFF switch is broken.



Junk. Don't waste your $.

Cheaply made and the switch rarely worked. Light was very hard to see even in a darkened room. Call to the company did not solve the problem.



What happened?

I thought I had something. Put the red dot scope on my .50 cal. muzzle loader turned on the laser made some adjustments, ...Perfect. Next time I went to use it on my shot gun, it would not power up.



Great bore sight gets the job done quick

Works fine easy to use.And the price was perfect

satisfied shooter


2inches at 100 yards....wow

this bore sighter is the ticket for occasonal use.i bought it at the same time that i bought a new muzzle loader.the beam is not superbright but is adequate.i used it as directed.very simple.i pointed it at a white barn after dark and moved the cross hairs to the dot.5 minuts tops.i took the gun to the range and my first shot was less than 2 inches from point of aim at 100 yards .i made the needed adjustments and had my rifle dead on in 3 shots..saved me 20 dollars in ammo and a sore shoulder...a bargain at twice the price..killed two deer on my first two times out after sighting in .a 60yard and a 85 yard shot

Steven in Las Vegas


Bushnell has poor quality and service

I bought this due to the great price. However, 2 issues were encountered to make this a poor quality item. The on/off switch is a joke! It is fixable by inserting two washers up against the battery like others recommended. The other issue is that the cheaply made arbors does not expand evenly, meaning that when I insert it to the barrel (I did this several times to serveral rifles), I look at the red dot vs my scope, align it, but then if I turn the boresighter in a circle while still in the barrel, the red dot moves and creates a circle of about 5 in diameter at about 40feet. So it does not get you centered. I called Bushnell's customer service hoping to get a new arbor, but the rep was a inconpetent and refused. Instead she sent me to tech support, which I waited on hold for over 30 minutes on two occassions, and each time I got fed up and hung up. I will NEVER buy Bushnell again, as their product is poor quality and service even worse!



Good for the price

Arbors offer adjustable fit. Good product for the price. Definitely helps get your scope or other sights on paper at 25-50 yards max.



Worked great, with in about 20 minutes.

Just what I wanted. Can't do better than that



easy to use, worth of the money

functions well, the manul is too simple,don't know how to change the battery.

Captain R


It'll put you on the paper...

It worked well for rifles .22-.45 using the supplied bushings. Get the right bushing on (smaller than the bore and expanded to almost snug), put it in place and twist just enough for the bushing to hold bore sight in place in the muzzle... Turn it on carefully and adjust your sights. Your first live round should be close enough to get things right. I made a little adapter and used it on a pistol too. For the money, it's a pretty good deal keeping in mind its a "first step" in sighting in.



Great for universal-use

For general universal laser siting for each of my guns; Great for preliminary siting. Suggest that the user use the next smallest adapter down and adjust for best bore fitting.



It appears to be an improved model.

Since I have not used it yet I don't have any comments about it.

archery fanatic


great little laser

this product is great. Its easy to use. The only thing I found I didn't like about it was the on and off switch, is very touchy. Would recommend highly

The Hunter


It's just OK...But...you get what you ..

This is a low level bore sighter, and it's biggest drawback is a very cheap laser light. It disperses way too much, even at a paltry 25 feet for good results for a precision shooting rifle. Good for bore sighting in a 22 or a pellet gun at best.



Would be good if you can turn it on

The first time it was used, it functioned well, however the second time I could not get the laser to stay on. The switch is extremely cheap. I am very unhappy with this item. Of course, the warranty has expired.



great value

[...] Use this as I feel a bore sight should be used, and it works fine. You should not expect to put one in the x ring on your first shot. You should expect to hit the paper and refine from there. Not a bad design, I didn't really understand how it worked until I tried. There are several sizes of plastic collets that screw on the end. You expand the collet until it just hits the rifling of your barrel. Slide the bore sight in until the wide taper is snug to your muzzle, then turn the bore sight a touch more to tighten the collet and draw the taper tight to the muzzle. When I chucked the bore sight in a cheap lathe at work and turned the lathe by hand, the laser dot drew about a 4" circle at 80ft. When I put the bore sight in scoped rifles that I knew were sighted in, the dot was right on the crosshair left to right and as much below as I would expect for the range. The cheap lathe probably exacerbated the runout I saw. I tried this in a .22 rifle, .22 pistol, .45 acp pistol, 12 gauge rifled barrel shotgun and it worked perfect. When I tried it in a .223 AR-15 I found the taper touched the flash suppressor instead of the muzzle which I suspect might cause misalignment. I had no problems with the switch, though I can see how there could be issues. For the money, a very good value! Only wish it would fit .177 also.



The little laser that could

What I like is the price of the item. Was shipped well and had no other faults besides a sightly faulty on/off switch. Once I fixed or adjusted the switch it worked as described. Got me on paper. And fine tuning right on target. Thank You