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Product Reviews



Great starter telescop

I bought this telescope as a starter one. i have loved using it.



Great for beginers

This is my first telescope and so far it has been great. Right away you have to know that deep space objects and planets will not look like they do on the magazines or books. Those come from professional telescopes or from Hubble. However this telescop...



Good Buy

Once it's put together looks great...usage is not straight forward and will take sometime to learn how to use the device.



Great for the price

Seems well constructed. I used to look at the moon and jupiter. The moon looks great with both eyepieces. Don't try the 3x barrow lens I think is useless. I could distinguish some of the strikes and the big dot of Jupiter in my backyard with a lot of l...

Duane the Night watcher


Second scope, smaller than first.Worth $

Telescope is well worth the money. Read reviews after ordering and was expecting to recieve total junk and was well surprised after I recieved it. No parts missing easy to assemble.Not to pleased with eyepieces tried my other ones from a bigger scope ...



Excellent Product [...]

The telescope is awesome! [...] the price was very competitive. Keep up the good work.