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use it over an coleman 10,500 BUT/H single brunne

09 drgees out doors NO WIND did just fine with what I was cooking /baking



Fantastic Camp Oven

I bought this oven to use while camping. We ended up not getting out as much as we had in the past -new baby-, and so the oven went untested. Tonight, with hurricane Sandy bearing down on us, the oven was called on when the power went out. I lit the...



Very easy to set up! Light, compact and sturdy.

I only wished that it had another rack with it.



love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got this stove today it is just great i bake pizza and blueberry muffins in it im so happy with this stove

J. Keenan


Coleman Camp Oven

Was extremely pleased with the oven. Very easy to use and it worked great. Homemade blueberry muffins while camping. Worked on both stoves. Would recommend to anyone. Recieved it quickly before I left on trip.

Home Cooking


Coleman Camp Oven

If you need a small oven while camping or RVing, then this is the oven you will want to purchase. My RV only has a stove top, no oven and purchased this oven for our trips. We prefer and enjoy making our own meals so we are using this oven for our...



Great Camping Splurge!

This is a great little oven. Takes up only 1 burner of the camping stove. Heats up fast; I don't think the thermostat worked accuratley on my oven. Once you open the door the heat drops fast. I used it camping with 10 Girl Scouts and we made cinnamon...