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Product Reviews



Great if no cheek piece

Nice item, However if your bow has a cheek piece you have to remove it in order to use this device. Hence 4 stars . Other than that it works great if you can't pull a rope cocking aid. Buy it for that . Hope this helps happy hunting !!!



GREAT TRIPOD FOR THE PRICE SUPER EASY TO assemble very very very good for the price



Solid built product

This product is similar to an old Lyman rifle rest I have had for years. I needed a second one for a friend that started target shooting with me. It is easy to assemble, parts are clearly marked. Made of aluminum, but it still can take a lot of abuse....



Excalibur C2 Crank Cocking Aid

This product is great other then the fact that it does not fit the older bows 2007 and older. It is made for the newer bows with the 5 lines above the trigger. I will be sending it back and getting the other one that is made for the older crossbows. It...