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Product Reviews



Great flashlight

I replaced my incandescent Mini Maglite with this LED model. It is truly bright and the four lighting modes are helpful. This is a great flashlight to use during power outages or to keep in the car like I do. The only possible negative is that the b...

Ratzo Rizo


Flawed Design

I bought one and it stopped working within days. I then did some research and it seems many people are having the exact same problem. Then I contacted Mag-Lite and they refused to admit there was a problem contrary to the facts. Customer Service would ...

Bob Fixit


Unreliable - Bought two - Both failed

Bought one. Failed about 4 mos. Bought another. It failed after about 3 mos. Changed battries, cleaned inside (per instructions), etc. Nothing solved problem. Never had problems like this with anything before. Especially flashlights!