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Product Reviews



Best bike to buy!

I needed a bike that was easy to maneuver and didn't require much balance, and this bike is everything I could ask for! It's very affordable, and it's fun! You'll get a lot of compliments riding this bike, I guarantee it! Definitely a must buy.



Mobo Triton 001

I ordered this day one and got it UPS day 3. Assembled it with ease in a little over an hour. I am 86 and have used this trike every day since I got it travelling several miles for my daily exercise and it is the greatest thing since bikes were...

Dale States



My 9 year old son is autisic. Some thing he struggles with is balance and fear of falling. So he nver learned to ride a bike without training wheels. The problem is that he is over five foot and weighs in at 150. Training wheels did not work. I was not...

Susan A Hencinski



Was so happy to find an adult sized recumbent 3 wheeler. Price was great[...]



Perfect for my child with autism

This Triton bike has been a Godsend. My son with autism has for years been too afraid to ride a regular bike with training wheels. He adapted quickly to this three wheeler and loves it. It was a huge hit at his birthday, and all the other boys stood in...