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Product Reviews



Very positive review

Everything was great. Delivery time and customer service assistance were very good.



Mobo Triton Rocks!

My 13 year old daughter has Williams-Syndrome and can't overcome her fear of balancing a two wheeled bike. She needed something cool looking and age appropriate. I found the Mobo line of 3 wheeled bikes, found a fitting model and ordered it. It...

D. Peterson


Not an easy ride

I was excited by this bike because it provides low impact for my knees and it looked fun. Wow, this bike takes a triathlon athlete to ride it...not your average consumer. I'm a 60-year old grandma and thought the trike would help with my depleting...

Carol E. Ferber


finally a bike for my son

My son is 10 and has never been able to ride a bike. He has CP... so for him to gain independence it was well worth it. Very well built bike. His brother and cousins all want to ride this bike.

Tracy T


Perfect for children with special needs!!

My son is developmentally delayed. Balance on a traditional 2 wheeled bike has always been an issue and training wheels are not effective once you no longer ride a smaller bike. We found this one and it is PERFECT! He rides all over the yard chasing...



This bike didn't last very long

We bought this for the kids and myself and after about a week we started having problems. The pedals are always falling off, the fenders are very flimsy and bend easily, the one brake it comes with doesn't work well, and if you turn while moving too...

Ecstatic Parents


Excellent Bike!!

We ordered this bike for our 12 year old son who has never been able to ride a traditional bicycle. He absolutely loves it!! He has no problem pedalling or controlling bike. He has noticed that he cannot go fast when he turns or he feels like he is...

Happy Camping Mom


Highly Recommended

I highly recommend the triton. It's such a fun and cool looking bike. Not only does my son use it, but I use it as well- It's feature to elongate is absolutely fabulous!

Happy Rider



I absolutely love my triton! Not only does it help me stay in shape, but it is very fun as well! I recommend this to EVERYONE!



Triton for Son with CP

I have twin 9 year old sons... One with cerebral palsy. he was always left behind when his brother would go out bike riding. Got the Triton for him. Not only is this a TOP NOTCH bike, but it's very cool. All the other kid's in the neighborhood want...



Looks really cute

People stopped to look and one said it was cute.It is fun to ride but is best in a park or bike trail not to go up steep hills. It is good for your back and I feel safe with the three wheels and low to the ground . I rated it 4 on durability , and...



Perfect for Child with Autism

I bought one for our son who has autism because coordination and balance are difficult for him and he can not ride a bike without being on a trailer with my bike. Not only does he love it but the other kids think it's "soo coool!" They call it a...



triton 3 wheel bike

fast delivery, good price, great looking bike, lots of fun for child and adult



great for kid, too small for adult

I bought this for my husband who has a bad back. The size is too small for him and he is only 5'9". However, my ten year old son loves it. He thinks the steering mechanism is right out of the Star Wars space crafts.




great ride easy to assemble, well built. easy too change for size of rider fast delivery, ordered early for birthday and received in less than a week. grandson loved it. i enjoyed the ride too. grandson loved the racey colors and flames. great for...




We've had it a few weeks and love it. My 8 yr old does NOT love her regular bike - she struggles a lot with anxiety and is always worried she will fall. But she loves the Triton. I bought it for us to share and hubby and I do ride it also, but it is...



Enjoy bike riding again

I bought this bike after debating the conventional upright and recumbent exercise bikes and I haven't been disappointed. Rather than sitting in the house, pedaling nowhere, I've gotten outside and enjoyed the breeze in my face. The Triton Cruiser has...

Bob L


No gear shifting system?!

If no gear shifting system, it's just good on flat road. Know any biking route without up and down?



Triton Bike

I absolutely love my bike. I road it on a bike trail and received comments and questions. I truly had a great workout. The only negative is the fact that it only does one speed, but I can live with it. I completely love the concept of the bike; how one...




We bought this for my son who loved his big wheel but wasn't crazy about his bike. He went crazy over this as soon as he got on it. He wants to ride it all the time. He had never seen one so we bought it not knowing how he would react. He just turned...




My son loves this bike the first day he was on it he went around the block with my husband walking with him 4x



Ideal solution for my grandson

I wanted to find a bicycle that could be controled with one hand, and had three wheels, for stability, similar to the plastic "big wheel" kids used 25 years ago. My grandson has only his left arm, and was happily riding a "big wheel" trike until the...




My 7 year old son loves this bike. It's very durable and FUN. He can do full continuous circles on the driveway and it's a blast!! No one else has it in the neighborhood which makes it even better.



It's fun

I purshased this Triton for myself to ride around the neighborhood. I have enjoyed it, but do find that the pedals don't really allow you to go very fast. I would have liked the ability to go backwards also, which this does not. My grandson (7) loves...



Triton recumbent

This trike is awesome! I bought it for myself, but my 5 year old has taken it from me. It is comfortable and easy to steer. Drawbacks: it is hard to pedal off road and does not turn on a dime like you think it might. However, the sturdiness and...



Fun Adult Trike

Wow what a ride. Easy and fun to assemble, got this trike for my young teen and myself for crusing the neighborhood. Kids and adults alike find it fun to ride and no-one notices they are getting a workout! Wish there was a basket and larger wheels. The...



great trike!

I really like the triton,a nice easy going cruiser...I have a knee injury and entry and exit is real easy with this trike,good breaking power and fun to ride,easy on the back too! my abs get a workout as well as my legs.



My Niece Loves It!

This triton is FANTASTIC! I bought one for my 9-year-old niece on her birthday and she LOVES IT! She is the HIT of the neighborhood. All of the kids come over to the house to take rides on the triton. They love the unique steering and adjustable length...



Fantastic, what a find!

Riding the Triton is great exercise and it much more fun than a regular bike or mountain bike! I love it and my kids love it. Thank you



a ton of fun

this thing is a blast to ride! it's an amazing feeling riding so low to the ground, and the turning - really cool. i got the triton for my son - he loves it... especially the part where he gets to impress the girls. And now he complains I am...



My Niece Loves It!

This triton is FANTASTIC! I bought one for my 9-year-old niece on her birthday and she LOVES IT! She is the HIT of the neighborhood. All of the kids come over to the house to take rides on the triton. They love the unique steering and adjustable length...

Happy lucky star


It is so fun and cool to ride

This tricycle is so fun and cool. The experience of riding this bike is totally different in comparison to past. it is not only fun but also very comfortable. Compare with the regular recumbent bike which is cost over $2000, this Triton definitely a...