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Product Reviews

Johnny B


great binoculars

I did my research, and chose the Nikon Monarch as the best I could find under $300. I would have liked to jump to binoculars with image stabilization, but I didn't want to spend that much.




I bought these after having 10x50 Nikon Action Extreme ATB binos, which were awesome, if a bit too powerful, and of course, fairly large. Actually I have barely used these Monarch 3s yet, and I am still coming to terms with their ergos, particulary getting the twist-up eye cups set right (I wear glasses). Also they seem to much more particular about the spread (my term) of the eyepiece lenses than the porro prism EXs I had previously, but I feel certain that I will get that figured out. The objective lens caps, being captive just flip down, which means they will get used more frequently than on the EXs, for me at least. The lens cover for the eyepiece end of things is junk, and will not stay put except when they are in the case with the lid closed, so room for improvement is needed there. The image is very bright, which means they should also be great in low light, and the 8 power is easier to hold steady. Also Adorama had the best price delivered, and quite quickly besides. I would recommend these for pretty much any use.



Great binoculars - wow!

Great binoculars for birding. I use them almost daily while walking the dog and on hiking adventures. Found recommendation for these binoculars on a birding website and we are thrilled about our purchase.

Casten, Naturalist


Rugged field binocs with clear optics

Well-designed binocs for the field. The optics are crystal clear and easy to focus. There is large eye relief and a wide view range for their size. Small extras such as the flip-on dirt/rain covers help keep the binocs clean in the field. They are alleged to be waterproof (I hope not to verify this in a total-immersion situation). Although not heavy, it would be nice if they were a bit lighter, but this may not be possible without reducing optic quality. Excellent quality, and good value.



Good for birding

Bought this for use as amateur birder. It worked very well, was easy to focus. Seems to be solid construction, a bit heavy. Lens covers don't like to stay on. Overall good product at a great price.



great binoculars

Fantastic binoculars, affordable and great quality.

Birder's Wife


Great for bird watching

I bought these for my husband because he loves bird watching. He loves them. The first thing he does when he gets home is grab those binoculars and look outside at the tree tops. They're very sturdy feeling, like they are of high quality. I looked thro...

dam joe


Great for eyeglass wearers

first pair i owned that works well with eyeglasses



High quality construction and optics

My wife and I are avid hikers, bikers and kayakers...so a good, quality set of binoculars is important to us. These Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars fit the bill perfectly. They are a bit on the large and somewhat heavier than the smaller binoculars we had b...



I can see clearly now

I use the binoculars for viewing animals around my property. They provide very clear views of the animals.



very nice optics

I believe they are the best optics for the money of all the binoculars

Mike Delta


Excellent Optics

Best binoculars that I have ever own. Great for use with/without glasses.