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Product Reviews



Quality/In field use/Price

Have found this scope to be an excellent hunting unit. Has held perfect zero under recoil of 338 win mag and wet mountain climbing in rocks and mud. 40mm has a very clear, bright sight picture. BCD works but prefer my own calcs past 200 yrds.



Quality scope

A top notch scope. Image is quite clear and scope body seems well constructed. Bell to eye piece length is a little shorter than expected but after installing a picatinny rail to give me sufficient adjustment room installation was a snap.



Quality Nikon Product as usual

Good scope for the money. I own several Nikon products and they all perform well. Placed this scope on my .308 have only used in on the range, will be taking it antelope hunting in Wyoming in a few weeks.



Nikon Prostaff Riflescopes

These scopes are the best value for the money out there. The optics are bright and clear. If you don't need an adjustable objective or power over 3-9 this is the way to go. The 4-12 is too much without adjustable objective (I know, I had one). Great...