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Northern Tool Bike repair stand

For $69, you can't beat this bike stand. The ONLY criticism I have it the clamp that holds the bike itself. It works fine, but is a little 'clunky'. That's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. It could be a little easier to use. But compared to th...



Northern Industrial Bike Repair Stand

This bike stand will hold your bike up at first but it seems to be failing after about 10 uses the clamping systen is just not a good patten it has failed on me a couple of times and dropped two bikes , i modified it temporarily so it dont fail . i wil...



Not up to par

This stand works great...until the handle on the clamp breaks at which point it is rendered useless. I had this stand previously and the handle broke and Northern Tool promptly replaced the entire stand (apparently the individual handle is not availabl...



Does the job, barely

The overall design of this stand is just straight cheaply made, like others have said it is very heavy, the clamping mechanism is poorly designed, and it takes up a lot of room. First off it is made of steel so you know that it will be strong, but tha...



Not The Best Choice

Pros: Will hold a bike Cons: Huge foot print. Clamping system is basic and difficult to use. Jaws may scratch your frame. Heavy. Poorly designed. Plastic end caps break and fall out (not that you need them) Overall this was a total waste of money for...



You get what youu pay for

Pros: Will hold a bike Cons: Huge foot print. Clamping system is basic and difficult to use. Jaws may scratch your frame. Heavy. Poorly designed. Plastic end caps break (not that you need them) Overall this was a total waste of money for me, the stan...



Life-changing tool!

After years of struggling to repair and maintain bicycles on the floor of the garage, I bought this bicycle stand. Wow! Well built and reasonably priced and my back appreciates it greatly. Now I look forward to working on everybody's bike.



Great extra set of "Hands"

I build bicycles with small engines as a hobby. Simply clamp the frame to the stand in any workable position as its 100% adjustable. It makes the buiild effortless. It dont work as well after the build is complete bc the bike weighs twice as much. But ...



Northern Bike Repair Stand.

Good value,tool tray is a nice feature already included.Perfect for light repairs such as lubing chain,or adjusting gears.The clamp is weak and not sturdy at all. For the money it is good addition to the occasional home mechanic's tool arsenal.



Good value though not industrial quality

This was a X-mas gift to myself to help save my back while working on the family's mountain and bmx bikes. It will certainly do the job and it should hold up for years if used with care. The legs on the base of mine aren't sitting level; but I might be...



Good for bikes under 30 lb

This stand works pretty well, although it does take a little time to get used to the way you need to fiddle with the clamp to get it to hold onto the bicycle. There are also some bikes that the stand will not work well with, although if you have a fan...



Excellent Price So So performance

When looking for a resonably pirced stand I was excited to find this at Northern. I have gotten many excelent products there in the past. When I got the stand it was easy to assemble but when I mountetd the first bike I found it aukward because the cla...



A great stand at a great price

I had always wanted a bike stand but most are very pricey and I could not justify spending so much for a stand, I then came across this one on sale for a great deal. I read some other reviews and decided to go for it. The pictures do not do the stand j...



you get what you pay for.

The stand is not worth you time, spend the money and buy a better one. the clamp pad that protectds the paint fell apart in less than one week, the clamping lever broke, I had to melt the plactic and fuse it back together to keep using it. It is hard t...



Nice workstand for a home repairman

I researched other new and several used work stands before I purchased this one. It arrived very quickly and was simple to put together (however, I do agree with the shoddy assembly instructions. You're better off looking at the box to see how it goes ...



Worth it for the price!

The assembly was not that hard. Did not even bother with the instruction. This is a good quality stand for the price. Using it, I was able to disassemble and assemble my bike with new components easily. I'm just your typical DIY'er and does not need t...




I bought this for my brother in law for his birthday!! He said it is perfect for there appartment! he can now fix his racing bike and store it with no problems at all!!



bikerepair stand

I've been searching for an affordable bike repair stand, this stand does the job. Although the install manual is little bit too short, so i need to give some try and error. Overall this is a good product if you just need a simple repair stand!



Plastic parts broke very quickly

I read the other reviews and they were all so positive...So I bought this. But the plastic clamp that holds the bike level at the top broke within a month. We have found a way to rig it so it still works but I would just spend the money to get a qualit...



Save your back stand

I love this stand, great price and is strong. I would suggest a longer bolt on clamp head for wide tubing but, this is saving me a lot of time (and pain) thank you Northern Tool this one is a winner.



WOW, Great Bike Stand!

Needed a cheap stand for a build I was starting and the reviews for this one looked good. Price was right and Wow! Nice stand. Assembled easily and works well. Yes, the knobs might be a little more robust, but for the price, they are fine, work well an...



Home Mechanic's Friend

This stand is great for the home mechanic. It is light duty, but I used it to completely service an old mountain bike. The bike was hanging from the stand for a month.I wish I had bought something like this years ago. It makes derailleur adjustments an...



Home Mechanic's Delight

This stand is great for the home mechanic. It is light duty, but I used it to completely service an old mountain bike. The bike was hanging from the stand for a month.I wish I had bought something like this years ago. It makes derailleur adjustments an...



Solid Features

After purchasing this stand and using it a few times while cleaning my drive train and replacing a chain, a few features really stand out: the ease of using the clamp, and the ability to rotate the bike while clamped. I was able to quickly get my heavy...



Pleasantly surprised

Did a lot of research prior to purchasing this stand. The other reviews are spot on. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a bike stand while this one is around. The only fault I found was the thumb screws (2 for the base and one for the tool tray). ...



Two Improvements Needed

I agree with the previous commenters regarding the construction and operation of the stand, except that I stripped two of the plastic wingnuts during the initial assembly. I replaced them with M8 coarse thread cap screws. Also, Northern needs to do a ...



Excellent value, good work stand

I needed an inexpensive workstand to help me work on my road bike and my mountain bikes. This one performs. It is not as nice as the more expensive stands I looked at, but it does what was promised and since I am not a professional and only use it occa...



Dynamite Bike Repair Stand

Before buying this stand, I did quite a bit of research and seriously considered some stands that were several hundred dollars. I can now say that would have been a HUGE MISTAKE! I decided to take a chance on this stand, primarily because of the price....



Bike Repair Stand

A good stand for home repairs of your bikes. Not as heavy as a commercial repair stand found in bike shops but sufficient to do most home bike repairs. I am very happy with this purchase and impressed with the ease of use and especially with the price ...



Bike Repair Stand

I use this stand to do basic cleaning and maintenance on my Cannondale SuperSix carbon fiber road bike, and the stand works flawlessly for this purpose. If one were a professional bike mechanic doing full tear downs and rebuilds, then perhaps investing...



bicycle repair stand

was searching for a stand that is strong enough to hold really heavy bikes. the main factor was price. something good enough to hold a heavy bike and wont fall or hurt the bike. i did not want to spend 150. on a stand. this stand works very well. the o...



Sturdier than the photo and How to use...

The photo is deceiving as it appears to be missing a few legs, but he rack is quite sturdy. The first use was not very graceful, as I tried to hold the bike up and clamp it at the same time. The 2nd use, I laid the bike on it's side, clamped the rack o...



Nice stand; very handy

Recently ordered this stand from Northern and I really like it. It is actually better than I expected. The directions were some-what lacking but it is so easy and straight forward to put together that it does not matter. Not as sturdy as the ones the p...