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Product Reviews

A. Comer


amazing tackle box

my dad gave me this. he had it in his rafting life-jacket for a couple years. i found it one day and he said i could have it. he didn't give it to me until the summer of 2012. i love this thing. if I were ever lost in the woods, i would definitly want ...



Perfect compact tackle organizer

Great storage box when you just want to carry a limited amount of tackle like hooks, split shot, and small lures.

Goat Lady


Great product

My best friend owns a fishing lodge on the Salmon River. The lodge was burglarized and he lost much of his equipment. These little boxes were one of the items he talked a lot about. I found them at Gander Mountain. I bought two for my friend but liked ...



I had this item before and replaced it

I had this box before and lost it in a fire, I had quite a few of them, they are great in a tackle box and especially handy in a fishing vest



Great Little Box for Flyfishing

I put two of these on each side pocket in my fly vest....they fit well and are easily accessible when fishing in the river. Have used these boxes for about 30 years and these are the first replacement boxes for the same box,,,I would say they almost la...