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Product Reviews



Watch out Coyotes!

The video that comes with the mouth calls is excellent. Like all mouth calls, they take some practice, but the DVD definitely outlines how to do it.



primos howler

picked these up last week, within a hour i was able to get great sounds out of both calls. needed to trim a little for better fit, but thats why they make em a bit big. took them with me in the woods while scoutin and had them howlin back in 2 of the 5...



Worth the money!

Sounds great! Takes a little time to master but is well worth the money. I use every hunt.



Outstanding Locator

Once you learn how to use these things\u2026they are GREAT!!!! The Double Howler, in my opinion, is the best locator call on the market (I have 6 different howlers). Don\u2019t be distraught if you can\u2019t get immediate results. I practiced in my...