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Product Reviews

American Hunter


Makes all fisherman honest men.

Weighing fish is fast and easy with this product.



Great buy for the money. Would buy again

Have tested it up to 30 lbs. with certified weights and it is always either dead on or within 1 ounce one way or the other. Can't ask for anything more from a scale that cost less than $20.00. Would buy it again and I recommend it to all of my fishin...

Mike the flyfisher


absolutely a great scale for the money

Simple to use just weigh the net,enter the tare,land the fish in the net weigh it again,then subtract the tare. Don't have to poke the fish. Great way to weigh with out handleing the fish.



A very good product

I was very happy with this product and service I received.



great basic scale

easy to read display, not too complicated looking for older eyes. Comfortable handle



Can't beat the price.

This scale is great at this price. As good if not better than scales costing more. No budget scale is perfect, but this one is as close as it gets.

Great White


No Scales On This Scale

I compared the displayed weight against a certified scale at our deli and found that it was accurate within .05 lbs. and repeated within .03 lbs.

Great White


When you can't wait for the weight

I compared the displayed weight against that of a certified scale at my locat deli and found it to accurate within .05 of pound and repeated measurements within .04



very hard to keep

this is the 3rd one of these scales i've bought, seems like every time i let someone else use them they disapear. must be good, everybody else wants mine. also works great for weighing deboned deer meat.

G Man


Digital Scale

Appears to be all it is said to be. Haven't had a lot of time to use it yet. Waiting on warmer weather.



good product for price

we use for weighing our bass. works very well. nice looking unit

hilbilly deluxe


this is a great scale.

i love this scale. im so glad that i bought it. i found out it was water resistant the hard way. this is a great scale. i do alot of catfishing here in berlin, wi and so i use this scale all the time.



A most have in your tacklebox!

Used it for the first time cat-fishing and worked without a flaw!



I would buy this again!

Easy to use, works great

Big Walleye


Very Good unit

The unit could use instructions on how to use. None came in the package