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Product Reviews

Bill H


Great line

Very strong and durable fluorocarbon line. Would highly recommend

tim the fishman


its good if its from gander!

i love this product. With ganders great shipping, i got it in no time!



works great

catches more fish than easier to see lines



Only Fluorocarbon I use

Seaguar Florocarbon is the best I ever used!Very strong,I use the Trileen Knot, No problems. I use 20 pound for my Donkey Rig,Flipin,. Very good to tie to braid using the Double- UNI Knot.You can't beat the price!



Seaguar Does It Again

Great Product, many different species fought a landed on Seaguar. Multiple fish pushing 30 pounds!

bass fisherman


I would not purchase this product again

Used this line on baitcasting reel fishing a crankbait. Line broke after an unfortunate birdnest. Does not cast well and is not durable.



great line for the price

this line is really easy to fish with unlike some other lines i have used.i use this on my cranking reels.it cast good and have not had any fish break off yet.

t;he batman


great line

i was kinda skeptic about this line but after trying it out, this line works great. worth every penny, even my father-n-law switched to this line after he saw me use it and started to get more bites.



great line!!!!!!!

this is probably of the best line that Ive ever used. i just got a bait cast reel and i put this line on it and it works awesome. and it casts really smooth. this is the best 12 pound line Ive ever used



Great line

Used Seguar leader for years. Usinge it for main line now on freshwater and it works great.