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Product Reviews



Good little combo

I have had this combo for about a year now. the rod is by far one of the best ones i have ever had the reel is ok. the reason why the reel is ok is because it does not have left/right convertable hand retrieve and i reel with my right had but the reel...



Perfect for beginner or semi avid fishing

This combo set is perfect for what I needed it for. I purchased one for each of my daughters. You can't go wrong with an ugly stick and this one comes with a decent reel and some small accessories for beginners. For the price of this combo set get a...



good little combo

Bought two of these combos for my teenage boys to use for trout fishing as well as ponds/lakes. I like to use ultralight combos for trout but figured a light action rod would be better for the kids. They have yet to use them in a stream but I did...



not for serious fisherman

My drag kept slipping a and I lost alot of fish

Catfish B


Just great!!

VERY Good combo!I go fishing in a river that we have down here filled with carp and catfish... has never let me down! the only bad thing is the line gets tangled some times but you should be able to pull it out quite easily!