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Product Reviews



Tingle Tingle

Just got the Slendertone three days ago........and I am really loving it! I put it on when I am getting ready for work and then when I get home and I can tell it has really tone me up already!!! I love the feeling of the vibration and it very relaxing...

C. Hart


Great Design

This SlenderTone Ab Toner has a great design. Controls are in the front enabling you to control your toning with a push of a button. Some of these ab belts have a separate controller that has to be clipped onto the belt and falls off during a work out....

working mom


great product worth buying

I got this product few weeks ago, i can definatly feel this belt is working. I like it alot. My stomach feels firmer, will update my review in a few weeks. But you need to eat healthy as well, in addition to other workout rutines.



Slendertone Flex Pro

The slendertone adominal belt,worked my muscles so well that i had to tell everyone all about it.If it can work for me it can sure work for you.iIt does what it said no joke.if you like to over do it like i do you will get there alot faster...Thanks...