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Product Reviews



once again SOG has put out a high quality product that us regular guys can appreciate and afford, couple this with an association with Walmart and you have a home run. Good job SOG and Walmart. As for you hunters out there, I took this machete up on...



Excellent Light Blade

I purchased this and the Gerber Jr. to make my own comparisons. The blade on this was very sharp out o fthe package, and after trimming back half a maple sappling's smaller branches (2" diameter or less), I found it did an excellent job and kept that...



Awful unsafe product

This machete is the worst piece of garbage imaginable. Inferior steel and workmanship. The blade chips and the edge rolls over after five minutes of light use. No edge holding ability and the machete will crack and actually break under light use. This...



but the cheap 6.99 one at your local walmart

I have sog knifes there great. This machete machete should not say sog it is worthless had it on a last camping trip cut great for the first 2 chops in the fieldwith high grass went to cut up the path at a vine that was the diameter of a dime and the...



Best value

This Nachete came with a great edge that was sharp right out of the pK and has great balence as well. Love the reverce side with the saw the only thing I wish it had was a longer handle. But over all I love it !



SOG Machete

Excellent item, great price and ideal for camping outdoors activity. I would highly recommend anything from SOG. They have great quality materials.



Not for heavy cutting or chopping!

I bought this machete for clearing mountain bike trails from time to time. For very light brush and palmettos, it works just fine. Just don't try to use it for chopping any branches of any significant size. On the first attempt the blade bent and...



Absolutly EXTRAVAGENT!!!!!!!!!!:)

The perfect machete....how could i ask for more?a blade on one side and a saw on the other,18",and a sheath!?!?!And amazingly its all for $19.98 AMAZING!



Overall a good machette. The handle is very comfortable and it comes sharp. More than capable of doing your camp/outdoor shores. Would recomend it.




Was a little thinner, and lighter than I would have liked. Over all fine machete for the price.