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Product Reviews



Accurate from a tree, or on the ground & durable

I purchased one of these for my son, took a few shots to sight in, but once sighted in, its been spot on! He really likes it, and his friend liked it so well, that he purchased one too. It's been 2 years now, and neither young man would change sights....



TruGlo Pendulum, Best Pendulum on the Market!

I've shot a pendulum ever since I started shooting bows 16 years ago. My old pendulum finally bit the dust after a grueling 6 years of service. Many deer have fell victim to its fiber optics. However when I decided to replace it, I went for the same...



Very good site

I have been very impressed with this sight. I replaced my other sight this past week which was also a pendulum. I have been practicing and found low light shooting to be incredible. Very clear and easy to find. I would not try to push past 35 yards as...



Dead on

Bought this sight for my son. He loves it. Took little time to sight in and he is dead on from 20yds. Dead on from tree stand or ground