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Product Reviews



great scope

I bought a new Tenpoint crossbow to hunt bow with cause my i was in a motorcycle accident so im a bit handycap so i am allowed to hunt with crossbow. I replaced to factory Tenpoint 3 dot scope with this Tru-Glow and it was like night and day i, mean it...



Nice Scope

This is a nice scope. Upgrading from the "stock" red-dot sight that came with my crossbow. Optics are quite clear for the price paid. Can't wait to get it out in the field. Only issue that I have with the scope is the rings that came with it. They do...



Great Scope!

This is a great scope. It was easy to zero in, taking only a few minutes to do do so. Once sighted in it seems to hold zero as it should. Hitting the bulls eye is a sure thing with this scope!



Good crossbow scope

Nice scope, clear, easy to use.